"Make food your medicine and medicine your food." 


Our kennel has been using the "Raw Diet" since 2010 on all our dogs, including puppies from weaning.

Our dietary regime is based on fresh food for human use, some frozen and then defrosted and given raw, other food given fresh.

We have noticed in recent years that the benefits in terms of palatability, health, quality of the dogs' coat, muscles, and dental hygiene are unrivalled.

We strongly recommend that prospective owners choose a veterinarian who is knowledgeable and believes in the validity of this dietary regime. Conversely there are valid alternatives among industrial dog foods. 

If you want to learn more about this topic, we invite you to view the following LINKS containing important contributions, including scientific ones, by professionals in the sector such as:

  • Dott. David Bettio - Medico Veterinario Omeopata 
  • Dott. Valerio Guiggi - Medico Veterinario specializzato nell'ispezione degli alimenti di origine animale.