Oncological Pathologies


Cancer represents the first cause of death in dogs worldwide. Flat Coated Retrievers appear to have a noticeable incidence of oncological pathologies. The Flat Coated Retriever Society (UK) as well as the American Flat Coated Society have supported studies, research and data collection since 1995, in the hope of being able to limit the incidence of these diseases and develop treatments and remedies.

As in humans, prevention is an essential aspect, and can effectively impact the quality of your dog's life.

It is important to give your dog healthy exercise and relaxing moments in the open air in your company.

Use drugs, vaccines and antiparasitic substances sparingly and only if strictly necessary (we prefer the topical spot - on products to collars and tablets).

Support and nurture your dog's natural breed- related inclinations.

Choose the best for his diet! Whether it is homemade, raw, or pre-packaged food. There are trustworthy websites where different dog foods are evaluated according to the analytical components and included in quality rankings. (e.g. PetAdvisor )

Discuss and follow prevention health screening programs with your veterinarian aimed at the early diagnosis of common pathologies.

Do not resort to early castration or sterilization, except for health reasons. Recent scientific studies have shown that ovariectomy not only does not reduce the risk of breast tumours, but also increases the risk of bone cancer.